Sale of receivables

Fortunato S.A. manages debt portfolios acquired on its own account, as well as those acquired within the framework of assignment for the securitisation fund of Fortunato NSFIZ, managed by AgioFunds TFI S.A.

Acquisition of portfolios of claims for its own account and on behalf of the Securitisation Fund, the asset manager of which is Fortunato S.A. is the leading activity Fortunato S.A.. Currently the company manages assets with a nominal value of PLN 1 947 666 217, 732 781350 of which on the Romanian market.

From the point of view of the seller it is the most important element of the claims management as it is the fastest way to improve liquidity of the company.

We acquire incontestable, fully due and unexpired receivables, arising from: Vat invoices, contracts and enforcement orders with a warrant of execution appended. We specialize in the investigation of difficult cases, which is why we are able to effectively, but first of all ethically, carry out activities leading to the recovery of debts. Operating since 2008, we belong to a group of about 20 companies regularly participating in tenders organized by banks, telecoms and mass service providers.

Developed and proven models of portfolio valuation, offered both by way of tenders and private negotiations, allow us to always offer you a price that reflects their market value. The repurchase price is calculated from the nominal value of the portfolio of receivables on the basis of the statistical analysis of the portfolio and the quality of the debtors' cases . The criteria that we take into consideration are among others: the legal basis of the obligation, the total value of the portfolio, the number of cases, the average balance, the quality of the documentation, evaluated score during a due diligence study. The basic stage of the debt portfolio sale is its preparation by the seller, who specifies the claims in question, and then submits them for analysis and valuation. A template that helps prepare the package for valuation can be downloaded here.

Finalisation of the transaction consists of signing the assignment contract, which contains information about the payment conditions and deadlines.

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