Each serviced debt portfolio is subjected to analysis, on the basis of which the individual recovery strategy is determined.

When you commission us to recover debts for you, we guarantee transparent cooperation through your impact on the recovery process proposed by Fortunato.

During the amicable stage, we handle both consumer and business debts, at every level of expiry.

Our actions are conducted through effective recovery, by an experienced and competent team of professional negotiator, regardless of the degree of difficulty and the size of the claims.

We use all possible routes of contact with the debtor – correspondence sent by e-mail and by traditional mail, text messages, phone calls, and, in justified cases, a visit of a field debt collector.

Having reached an agreement on the scope of reporting, we provide free reports of the activities at each stage of recovery, in the format selected by the Client and the frequency of their choosing.

Our remuneration for services rendered are fixed commission payments or a lump sum, depending on the previous arrangements, and the nature of the order.

We have a fully automated integration system of cutting edge solutions, far beyond the traditionally understood debt collection activities, which in addition to reduced costs, directly translates to recovery time.

  • The process of handling cases is based on the principle of insightful patterns of scoring, precisely segmentating case profiles to appropriate paths of consistent sequences of efficient steps of debt recovery.
  • Multifaceted care over the very process is supported by an advanced reporting environment, based on the insightful KPIs factors, effectively refined by many years of experience of our organization.
  • Innovative components of the process tools are, among others:
    • Predictive dialling for recurring campaigns as well as in the case of scoring profiles of served Customers.
    • Automatic detection of voice mail, along with a record of an appropriate message.
    • Home Location Register, that is, detecting numbers which are inactive during the campaign
    • Live chat, as an additional platform for Customers contact
    • API and CTI integration, which strongly increases the efficiency of the community center.
    • Channels service queueing, used for incoming telephone traffic
    • Reporting, according to established and various KPI criteria
    • Live monitoring of CC Agents' work, translated on the effectiveness of each campaign
    • Analysis and ongoing evaluation of phone calls, focused on steady progress of the quality of service
    • Texting campaigns, voice mailing, e-mails, enhancing communication possibilities with our Clients
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