If it is not possible to recover the debts through the amicable stage, we offer comprehensive support on the judicial and enforcement stage. We provide professional legal representation in the course of the ongoing proceedings. We take an active part in the whole process of judicial enforcement, including enforcement of the real estate, and we supervise actions taken by the Bailiff. In our actions, we aim to recover the claims of our Clients as soon as possible, in accordance with applicable laws.

Activities taken depend on the stage of transmitted cases and may include:

  • referral of the case to legal proceedings, in order to obtain an enforcement order, including EPU;
  • preparation of pleadings throughout the judicial and enforcement proceedings;
  • initiation of security and enforcement proceedings; supervision of the enforcement proceedings until effective recovery of debts;
  • negotiations with debtors at any stage of the proceedings;
  • in order to secure the claimed debt, we take action to establish a compulsory mortgage entries on behalf of our Clients;
  • Court order of disclosure of assets, in the course of which the debtor is obliged to appear before the court in order to submit the list of their assets;

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